In which regions is the pick-up service offered?
The pick-up service is offered in the greater metropolitan area i.e. Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and the North Shore.
What differences are there between the 3 methods: Golden, Silver and Bronze?
The differences between the three lie in the method of transfer of your tax documents, the delay between the date we will receive these documents and the day you will receive your income tax report and the price of the service provided. Note that using the Golden Method will save you $ 1.00. However, equal importance will be given to all our customers whatever the method chosen.
How can I ask for a financial consultation with an accountant at Taxcor?
At Taxcor offices: Please contact us to arrange an appointment. The price rate is of 74.95$ per hour. By e-mail: Please send us an email containing your question to This service is at a cost of 44.95$.
Are there any additional charges for answering questions regarding an income tax report issued by the Taxcor?
No, all questions will be answered free of charge. However any consultation related to any other subject will be charged, see answer 3.
What payment methods are used at Taxcor?
The payment methods offered are: paypal on our website / interac, visa, mastercard and amex when we meet or by telephone / checks are also accepted, however note that this will extend processing time of your tax report.
When should a client make the payment?
In order for us to complete your income tax report on time, payment must be made on the day we receive your tax documents. Please note that your income tax report will not be sent unless the entire payment is made.
What tax documents are required to complete an income tax report?
You will need to send us your completed identification form you can download from our website, any document indicating the income you have made in the year being covered, school tuitions, the total of medical expenses separated by category, the total of public transport fees and any other document you deem relevant. Please feel free to contact us for additional questions.
When is the deadline for sending an income tax report?
For individuals: The deadline is April 30th; interests and a penalty will be applied thereafter. For self-sufficient workers: The deadline is June 15th; interests will be applied thereafter only if you have a balance due.
When is the deadline for sending a corporate income tax report?
An enterprise should send its income tax report 6 months from its corporate end of year. Thereafter, if the company has a balance due, you have 3 months to make the payment without penalty or interest.
Does Taxcor follow-up on the accounting of its corporate clients?
Yes, every month you will receive a financial report outlining the progress of your company. Accounting services will be offered according to our joint agreement.